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Wednesday 12 July 2017

Year of watching capeshit movies

Watching movies in cinema are the most generic hobbies that modern people do. And I am one of them, and the only reason I watch in cinema because I like watching capeshit movies or superhero movies that started attract me in 2015, its pretty late and I didn't jump in the band wagon because I remember this kind of genre has existed several decades ago and I think watching this kind of movie just like chores that you can watch on TV besides the idea of grown man using costumes I thought its so campy and marketed toward kids.

I am pretty sure that the glory age of capeshit movies emerged since the birth of "Internerd" culture in early 2010's where watching capeshit is a must to do in understand internerd memes so that you can stay hip and being that nerdy guy who know imaginary characters based on comic books and being involved endless debates which capeshit movies are the best.

So, I tried to watch religiously some late cape shit superhero movies like The Dark Knight trilogy and get attracted by its approach serious tone how a man in bat suit fighting againts any ideals from his enemies that look stupid enough that this is based kid cartoon but re-imagined for adult audience. And then It gets me, I then watched Iron Man, Avengers, Captain America and another superheroes original movie, some of interesting part are those movie have fun tones but still takes realistic approach to depict how the heroes are still relevant, moreover... I really prefer to watch the origins of each superheroes itself.

Tv serials are also something that I cant miss where probably those series require time investments in order to finish. Maybe I want to discuss about this later. But the thing that attracts me watching this medium is same as the reason i like cinema capeshit offered, origin of superhero and what kind of thing they stand and fight for.

Moreover, capeshit movies will be likely endless trends that people like to watch perhaps one or two decades later this will be ended. Its like western themed movie that had glorious days  in early rise of cinema which I think this has same case with superhero that rely on the good guy vs bad guy card that save the whole world or city and even the whole universe.