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Wednesday 21 June 2017

How Qori Name Originated?

I always wonder why my parent gave my name as Qori. Its bi-gender name isnt popular name except Qori is the term of professonal people who recite Quran slowly with beautiful voice. The literal meaning Qori is just "people who read" and thats it, later I asked to my father about his intention giving me such name because in Islamic teaching, name is a pray so its encouraged for parents to give their childreen good name.

And then, the good part about having parent occurs to me when my father told about why he decided giving my name as "Qori" that turns out he got that name from someone whisper on his dream. I thought this name comes from an expectation that someday this kid will be an addict book reader for his entire life but seeing a fact that my family dont have any interest in reading books except my father that read Quran and local crime newspaper where he just want to read local soccer news section. And the rest of family just avid tv watcher and social media addicts for younger one.

In my family, reading and collecting book is like alien culture. My dad wants me to be an educated man, so what educated man have? Books to read and knowledge to discuss. It amazes me when my parent wants me to attend college so I dont become like them in education but they always questions me when I told them planning to buy books where it will be ended by questioning me why should bother buying books if i dont read it and probably just reading it once. I have no idea, but they have the point though... maybe they know what are e-books for.

I dont ask too much for this life, in fact my name is something that represents me. I love reading, ofcourse some good books to read that suits me for my age right now. Back to my father dream when he came up for Qori name. It was one of ramadhan night when in the middle of the night he dreamt flying from his room into the sky. Someone whispered toward him to recite one of the Quran chapter and then later my father saw two stars, the bigger one or the smaller one. The mysterious whisperer told him to choose between those two. Later, he chose the smaller one that shines brighty alone far away. Then, "give your son name , Qori". And that time was several month before I was born.

I alway think his story about the name I have now is something that remind me what is my purpose in this life. Maybe the story is made up or just simply plain dream that means nothing. But somehow, I am being inspired remembering how the name originates and if I have one only choice to meet someone that never exists, I will choose a person that whispered my dad about my name..
Now enough about me me me time.