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Monday 4 April 2016

[Monthly Note] Relevant Things I've Done in February

Okay, here we go again. Writing something that may be relevant someday about my ordinary days one month ago before I move into new days. Its still circulated around mundane things that everyone do when they are not employment. But things were little bit different last month. 

I went to outside city around 300km away from home catching eclipse that just happened in South Borneo and I felt great experiencing the phenomena when the sun went missing for three minutes in daylight. Even though I couldn’t see the sun cause cloudy weather, but it’s worth aside that I enjoy slow-riding and visit one of landmark that I've been there before. 

Back in daily day, I applied another job proposal as teacher where I expect this work can help with my situation that my parent always asks about my life especially how to get decent money and have formal job. The thing is I don’t have any options how to use my interest as regular job and get paid. It sucks because I stop expecting online earning that won’t support my life. Aside I created many plans that need more money as the greatest expectation that I’ve dreamt about where I can work as freelancer when I can travel. 

So, apart from "just wake-up, eat, TV and late sleeping", I figured how to be able to travel again this year, not abroad that I can’t afford but at least a little part of Indonesia. I am confident with the rest of salary left that I will save for it. Considering that my parent demand something useful with my degree as teacher, I just wish that I can get part-time job as IT teacher cause I really have lack of writing skill except monthly note besides I am not sure that full-time job is something that I can really enjoy. 

Anyhow, I have many things to do that this month may have some moments that are unforgettable. Those are visiting Balikpapan city with motorcycle and attending music event and release my ambient music project after I created a dedicated sound effect weblog for a month.