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Monday 1 June 2015

[Monthly Note] June; Small Chit-Chat

I updated this domain blog for a year recently by paying 9$, I was interested to make blog more serious tone as my place to improve my English writing besides something like people call as "branding" for my name. Speaking about "branding", what am I capable of? So, since I am actively producing learning tutorials in Youtube recently, I'd like to a professional tutors for learning language besides mastering in beginner level on multimedia.

So far, I produced my simple works in internet, and this blog is supposed to be the workcase but in fact I rarely update its content continuously due I am lack of time to focus between my thesis and also my effort to master my interests. In the end, I just let this blog alive but not update it besides something I'd like to tell toward search engines which I hope can improve my potential viewers to watch my videos and give a try to listen my works.

Anyway, I create works as free stuff, not something for commercial purpose, but I am very glad if you can contribute on something like responses (yeah, you can tell me how are my works help you) or simply, you can donate some money to keep my interest to produce more alive.