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Friday 1 August 2014

[Monthly Note] Ied Fitri and My Dream Girl

Recently, I saw a movie called Ruby Sparks, its about a novel writer who writes his dream girl when he is stuck in writing. Apparently, the girl lives and stays with him based on his writing.

This movie attracts me about making standard for the girl you dream of. In the beginning of movie, it seems happy to have a girl based on what you want, but next when the girl meets anything that the writer doesn’t like, he just re-writes something to control the girl and that’s the conflict of this movie. 

I am currently to set a standard of the girl that I’d marry to someday, but after watching this movie, I felt like I should re-create a definition how should I describe my dream girl. Anyway, I am really serious in making relationship, so when I say about a girl, its absolutely it will be my couple for my future. 

 Anyway, a fasting month has passed and yesterday was Idul Fitri day. I’d like to say sorry to everyone and especially for myself. In Ied Fitri day, its common for people to ask forgiveness between people. 

Back to my current plan, I am going to re-write my thesis proposal and focuses to finish my final assignment, my little bro has finished his college study and I am here stuck to write something.