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Wednesday 28 May 2014

[Illustration] Justcheapearphonethings; Having Crappy Earphone

I almost a buy new earphone often every month which each weeks or even days later become damaged because of various kinds, whether its squashed, inadvertent cutted , or it's has cheap quality indeed so it does not last long time to wear. 
My reasons buying cheap earphones because I don't want to expense my money much for my entertainment during on the street (listening music while I drive); yes, I like to hear music while driving, though its not really recommended, I know the limit.

Cheap earphones are priced from 15 till 40 thousands Rupiah (2$), all types of earphones I already bought and tried. But all the same fate, broken in one month or less. Usually there are some signs of broken earphones, and i have the idea to create illustrations about cheap earphone things which is  parody from # justgirlythings.

Yeah, Its broken fast.

Cutoff suddenly


Atleast being mono

Akibat Kejepit.