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Sunday 2 February 2014

[Blog] 5 Considerations in Blog Monetization

Every bloggers have their own intentions in building the their blog, ranging from personal purposes such as storing personal writing or express their opinions or make a blog as money maker.

There is nothing wrong to make the blog to be money-oriented , with the amount of content posted and always updated , a blog is purposed into monetizing which can take more times to generate profits for their owners , and this is contrasting with most beginner bloggers that quickly are tempted and then take the same steps like its predecessor .

There are many businesses that blogging can be achieved , ranging from advertising , reviews , back- linking , and also sell genuine products using a blog as display systems . According to me personally , if you have a personal blog which is intended to solicit business in the field of traffic visits and advertising from third parties , please consider the following points :

1 . Do you have blog that thas single niche or mixed?

Mixed blog is very easily forgotten by the blogwalkers ( bloggers who diligently read the posts of other bloggers ) but it is very easy to get visitors from the search engine such Google . Blogs that have " character " where the content owner has certain specific topics such funny experience or about a particular field of expertise will be easily remembered by the netters who seek the desired topic , for example, a blog about Photosop not on the PC as a whole because of this theme as many reviews unless you are really an expert in that field .

2 . Is your blog content original or copy-paste ?

This is the classic problems where when you type the keyword " ____ softaware free download " in google and you will see the list of blogs that are similar but not identical even similar. Copy-paste here instead of endless ctrl - c + ctrl - v , but writing the same topic but repeated , another example is the " Basic PC Tutorial " "

3 . Do ads that are posted will be appropriate ?

I have visited several blogs with very simple template but tarnished by selling advertising sidebar dvd porn blog that covers all of its content when no one associated with it. It certainly should be considered , if the owner is not care enough to be a problem , but for you who want to selectively , return to point one . For example, if you write about the procedure for breeding/farming, then it shall ads that appear are advertising farm products or at least your own products, as well as other topics such as travel , fashion , music, and more .

4 . How long did you last update the content ?

This is the very core which must be considered , it is very easy to update the content if it is just copy-paste , but rather difficult when writing original content because of the need to think of new ideas , in addition to the availability of time is the most vital thing owned , how many blogs have been bandoned and disappeared because the owner no longer has time for blogging , not to mention other things if the blogger has other interests that have nothing to do with blogging .

5 . Are you going to innovate with your blog ?

This question is also intended for my blog, the word " innovation " is an important point in the form of any product , one blog . Other questions , such as what innovation ? Let 's say the answer is : Theme , Content , and the benefits that can be taken either from the writer and the reader .