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Sunday 20 October 2013

Attending Short Movie Festival on XXI Cinema Banjarmasin

Several days ago, I’ve got invitation from Banjar Film community about their event in Short Movie Festival in local cinema. Not just me, I was with my co-worker; Nisa on Banjar Magz which I am working currently now as chief editor.

We have arrived on time and watched 6 short movies from the previous winners because it’s supposed to give information to audience about next short movie competition. All of the movies from Indonesian film maker. There are two animation film and the rest are short documentary.

I was enthusiasthic from this kind of event, its rare to get free invitation and watch good movies. There was one movie that I was interested called Wan An, a short movie about a couple old who live spending their live on their house until one of them has played with the death. I thought it’s easy to guess the ending, but for me its touching and I have cried “little bit” because what if that couple will be reflection of your old age.

The Leaflet
There is a guess from one of the movie maker, Heri. He have explained about his animation movie called “Keripik Mbok Darmi” a simple movie that may give smiles in the ending, there was a dialogue session with him. And we have decided to review this event for our magazine project.