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Saturday 20 July 2013

Celebrating my 22th Birthday with Class-mate

Its so fast to realize that I suddenly become 22 years old now. One year I passed was awesome for me. I did a lot of thing, produce many works, and atleast not being worthless. In my 22th, I have many things I expect from my life, besides I will make a move on my skill like drawing and designing. But I am not done with my early purpose in mastering music.

Last year, I celebrated my birthday on somewhere else in Indonesia. Greetings came from Facebook, and I didn't celebrate it. But this month. I am so glad that one of my unforgetable moment in my life is celebrating the birthday with your friends.

So, I invite my class-mates and treat em (my father did) Banjarese food, its so fun and memorable. In other state, I got a girlfriend and asked her to walk arounf with my on birthday. But later, we broke up for some reasons.

I hope in my 22th, I would develop and become more succesful. And I don't forget to thank to everyone.