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Sunday 5 May 2013

[Exp] Let’s Play Games together with us with LANtasari Gamers Group

Hey guys, do you want to have fun together without spending your precious money? If you like gaming, then you may join with us in LANtasari gamers. It’s just for fun group we made for gaming together in 2010 B classes. It’s a place to play together by using Local Area Network (LAN) feature by using your laptop.

In the foreign countries, there is a party called LAN Party, its small group of gamers who play games together using LAN. So, our group was formed by several students who like playing games together two months ago. For now, one of games we play is Counter Strike and we compete each other by playing together with class-mates. Its popular fun game about hunting terrorist in first-person shooter style.

Latest game we play
There are also other games that we will play like Warcraft, Command and Conquer, and Age of Empires, these are strategy games. If you like racing games, we can compete in Need For Speed and MotoGp games. If you like board games, you may play Yu-Gi-Oh against your friend.

Facebook group

We make a group in Facebook, feel free to join with us. We post some schedules of playing game together or called LAN Party. And besides of that, we post the game results and update latest information about LAN games.

NB: This is just short writing that's supposed to post on my faculty, but its cancelled due i forgot to print it.