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Tuesday 30 April 2013

[Project] Start New Project; Bahasa Indonesia For Travelling

Last semester, i've got a task in my college about English For Specific Purpose (ESP) as one of main subject. So, I must take a field for my project, apparently I choose Traveling language as my research. In the end, I've finished one book about learning English in the traveling side.

Same idea occurs when i try to look for my next project in teaching Bahasa Indonesia on Youtube, so i decided to re-translate and re-arrange the book material and fit it into English language translation so that I can make it as Bahasa Indonesia learning material.

I just uploaded a new video, later, i will make at least 16 conversations based on my previous project about traveling, they are in audio only, I think it will take more times if I record myself into a camera due the material plot is impossible to record in real life, besides i am still affording for new camera.

Here is the first video, I attached the subtitle text, feel free to give your feedback.