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Wednesday 9 January 2013

Visit South Borneo 2013

Tourism industry in Indonesia is just rising to the another level, not only Bali and Yogyakarta as culture tourism, Lombok and Raja Ampat as natural tourism industry, but there are many potential regions in Indonesia. I won't say that South Borneo is the only potential one.

What does South Borneo have in tourism industry? The culture and nature. On the culture, South Borneo has Banjar culture and Dayak culture which regardes as native cultures in Borneo land. But are same same root, but they are different in  many aspects on social living. Banjar people (Banjarese) mostly live in the city while most of Dayak people live in the  forest of South borneo.

On the nature, this region has different interesting nature places that many people dont know. Here, i made a list about the places in South Borneo.

  • Banjarmasin

Martapura River Waterfront
Sabilal Muhtadin Mosque
Sultan Suriansyah Mosque and Tomb    
Pasar Terapung Kuin
Pasar Terapung Lok Baintan

  • Batola

Barito Bridge
Rumpiang Bridge
Kembang Island
Kaget Island

  • Banjarbaru

Diamond Traditional Mining Cempaka
Pine Forest
Lambung Mangkurat Museum

  • Martapura

Al-Fatihah Park
Kahung Hill
Riam Kanan Reservoirs
Cahaya Bumi Selamat Diamond Market
Al-Mukarramah Mosque
Traditional House Teluk Selong
Bajuin Waterfall

  • Tanah Laut

Batakan Beach
Pagatan Beach
Datu Island
Takisung Beach
Kayangan Hill

  • Rantau

Batu Hapu Cave
Beramban Cave
Laras Temple

  • Kandangan

Loksado Forest Trekking
Bamboo Rafting
Haratai Waterfall
Kentawan Mountain         
Tanuhi Hotspring

  • Kota Baru
Sebuku Island
Haur Island
Gosong Island
Gedambaan Beach
Angsana Beach
Tamiyang Beach
Sebelimbingan Waterfall
Meranti Mountain

Most of those places even aren't unpopular by Banjarese themselves, its because tourism industry is not the one of biggest industry here. The government tends to be more welcome to the investors who want to exploit coal mining and palm oil plantation.