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Thursday 6 December 2012

Angsana Beach; A Hidden Beautiful Beach in South Borneo

Today, we went to one of quiet and not touristy beach in South Borneo. Its called Angsana Beach which located in Tanah Bumbu region in the Angsana Village (175 kilo meter from Banjarmasin city). The beach was not too crowded due it was not so popular and the distance might take a long time to reach, its about 4-5 hours for one-way.

I went with my 8 Couchsurfing friends by riding on the one of CS car member *thanks to Mr. Hidayat for free transportation. From Banjarbaru city, we started to go at 08.00 am o'clock in Sunday morning and we arrived there about the midday. During on the trip, we found some beautiful scenery and coal mining, the road was so good, so its not hard to drive.

Walking Around
Jumping fail!
Green water...

At the beach, we saw the cleanest and pure water of the sea, its better than Takisung Beach in Pleihari city. Sadly, around the beach there were so many junk, not only from the visitors but those were from the rest of beach plants like coconut leaves and used woods. At first we arrived, we took a rest and me and some of us swam over the beach, and then we continued to do snorkeling by hiring a medium boat and snorkeling tools after one hour swimming, we just paid for 75k for one person.

Dat beautiful beach

From the beach to the snorkeling area, it took times about thirty minutes. I couldn't swim, but I took a gut to try snorkeling, its challenging, unfortunately the weather was cloudy and the sea wave was high so its hard to see the fishes and coral reef clearly except going inside to the sea. So, I just stayed to the boat while my friends explore the sea.

Playing with the sand

At 05.30 pm, we went back to the beach and might prepare to go back to the city from there before the night.This trip makes me to manage a plan for our next Couchsurfing activity such for the new eve vacation to clean up the beach together there.

These are some of pics i took:

Ready for Snorkeling
To the sea...

Me trying to do snorkeling