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Wednesday 9 May 2012

[Article] Keripik Iblis a.k.a Demon Chips ; Its Spicy but Tasty.

One of my favourite snack is Keripik Iblis that has so damn high spicy and price to get but it has really good to taste because it's very addictive.
Keripik Iblis or Demon Chips on English, according the name, its has over spicy chip that you wont stand to eat it without drinking any water, its hot as fire, the product name can describe the taste.

Once you try it, you cant never stop to finish it.The Keripik itself has several level for each product, 1 to 10, most of costumer like eating for 3-5 level only, that's enough if they don't want get severe colic.

Keripik Iblis is made from Bandung, East Java. and the original maker import their products into several  region exclusively, so no wonder its very expensive to get. Per-PCs you must spend almost 2$, but the satisfaction to eat endless spicy chips could be worthy if you want to make this as "sweet" laxative.