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Friday 13 April 2012

How to Prepare in Making Basic Video

Everytime you see nice videos in every places like tv, cinema, and internet. You may ask how could they make video like that? If you don't know what are the basics of making video, here is some basic tips to do it.

- Use proper camera

Camera is your weapon, so choose it wisely. If you can't afford an expensive camera, you could use your portable camera, its your cellphone camera, and if you thing that phone camera would produce nice video, you may try to borrow your friend camera.

- Nice lighting and setting

It's important to know which the better way to produce video by choosing proper the setting and the time, lighting is the one of factors in recording with camera. Technically, you would need more light and quiet place.

- Background music

A video without music background maybe sounds strange and it would make hard to give description about the scenes. We need some music background to enrich our video.

- Prepare the script.
Before you going to record simple videos, you should make a little bit of scripting, if you think that would be useless, i don't think so. A little script would help you to stay focusing on video. That is your guide-line in the making of your video. In every professional video making, Scripting is an obligation.

- Editing

It's hard to say someone who like to record videos, they usually have a skill in editing. Most of indipendent video maker usually they edit their work by themselves. So, editing is one important thing if you work with less people. Maybe, you could start to tweak the basic video editing softwares.