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Sunday 1 May 2011

[Monthly Note] My Daily Activities Now.

As a normal human, my life was running very well and normally. I live in this world for being one of part that can helps other and making interaction between other human. Maybe, my life will still running normally untill now.

So, this time, i want to share my whole day activities.

06.00 a.m : I wake up in the morning
07.00 a.m : I go to my campus from monday to saturday.
04.00 p.m : I go home from my campus.
05.00 p.m : Taking a rest
07.00 p.m : Go online and learn english.
12.00 p.m : I go to bed at midnight.

So, my whole life was just wake up, learning and sleep. Sometimes, i make some my favourite hobbies. I'll tell you later.