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Monday 18 September 2017

Instrumental Hiphop Beat Tech Related : System Not Found - Initializing Darknet

Perhaps, creating instrumental hiphop beat is something I am good at to understand the concept of 95 beat per-minute tempo with experimenting to create sounds template for hours such bassline and arpegiated leads that leads me to create specific project aside of Qoreader called SystemNotFound moniker.

SystemNotFound is basically my online game ID where I spend hours playing games mostly online, and also the name has been created when I had terrible experience with my laptop where I lost my music projects that I saved from 2010 to 2015 due my harddisk wouldn't boot up while "system is not found" appeared on the screen. It gave me a lesson. Thankfully enough, the music I created has been compiled into physical album and uploaded into cloud storage. But, the project are lost except I re-create the same sound and exact composition which at the time, i dont know much time about music theory. Maybe someday... gonna re-work those awful tracks 

Right now, I'd like to post my project which I have been started one year ago that I dont post on my personal Youtube. There are twenty beats already I had created and I manage to make into 100 beats for SystemNotFound goals and then I release as the one album.

For the first track, I named as Initializing Darknet. SnF (lets make it shorter) has closely tech and internet themed because as the sound I use mostly use virtual electronic synthesizer instrument which sounds more electronic than organic.

As initializing darknet start, welcome to SnF journey. I am gonna post more tracks with each commentary soon.