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Tuesday 16 August 2016

[Monthly Note] 7 Phase of My Life

This is not the monthly headline or article that talks about science or motivation to live and so on. But as a reminder for myself that the number of 7 is very influential in this phase of my life. I do not believe in mythical bullshit that number brings some lucks, but if I think of it, I live very close to the number OF 7, in particular in my phase of life. 

When I was around 7 year old, I was able to start thinking and act decisively for what is right and what iswrong, that when I was in kindergartens where seven years later I graduated from basic education (elementary school) and then continue the study in my teenager life for middle and high school years in boarding school. Now its almost 7 years I live life as a youth where I spend my college days and recently got graduatend for starting a career. Maybe you could say I'm still undergo three phases, and if I have long lifespan. Then the possibility of 4 more phase will be undertaken. Namely as young parents phase (7 years), middle aged phase (7 years), grandfather phase (7 years), and the rest only God knows. Things I would note here is to live that almost 70% of momentum in life where I can still remember it vividly.

In terms of the Greek nation, time is divided into two terms, Chronos and Khairos. Chronos is when we do things that are natural, like eating, sleeping and have entertainment and that people do in general live while Khairos are the things that have valuable momentum as when someone managed to achieve his purpose in life and gives meaning to spend his/her time. 

 That is all.. 

 P.s: Just installing the Internet again at home with ISP that is fairly stable despite the speed still have standard. Atleast, I dont hang out anymore in public wifi.