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Friday 1 July 2016

[Monthly Note] A Year of Learning

I spent this year after graduating from college with two important things happened in my life. Have graduated and got opportunity in working for a field that I am interested for, technology. Unfortunately my job desk wasn’t something I expected to give me opportunity to learn and hone my side skill. It was full time job and I had to focus for what I was doing to increase my company profit selling by selling of course. 

The result of selling wasn’t satisfying though, so I quit the job and thinking backward before I took the job and when I was working on my thesis where I hardly found hard to finish the job at the same time, my monthly note last year have two points, finishing the thesis and graduated from college and starting a career. 

This month, I’ll be in my 25th and if there is something that I am wondering right now is demand from people around especially family who want me to start a family and steady job. It’s a far away from my head; the idea of having family doesn’t interest me too much although my parent supports it. When I tell them that I want to continue my study in university for higher degree, they support it too but demand me to collect income to fund the study. For me it’s not about money that I worry, it’s about my preparation to be ready in a field I am interested for, and they are communication and journalism. 

So, I manage this year to create a year full of learning in order to prepare my skill and push my limit into mastering what I like and create the result through Internet media. At least, one year later… I am not too late to get married because almost 80% of my friend get married.