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Tuesday 1 March 2016

[Monthly Note] Spending Time in Unemployment

In this post-resigning month as salesman, I spent my days with unemployment status that is not really truly in jobless state. I run my online store sometimes asides spending days by staying up all night lurking internet NEET forum and got 40% from previous full-month salary-man. It’s better having less income than none at all. 

 I’ve got a degree in English Education for Teaching that is supposed can support my income if I have to choose applying for jobs in regular school with minimum wage as part-time job. But I am not really sure I may be consistent moreover competent in teaching for a class because I am enjoying my unemployment time first before taking the job with full responsible and capability on English teaching. 

Talking about income, here is a thought since it’s really hard to get more money in regular job with full 8 hours working. I am making another goal this life for doing traveling again before I got 25’s and that’s all. I am not really kind of good of writing travel stories or plain journalism since writing is a way to make ourselves relevant in Internet. So, I am not so hopeful for being a wannabe travel journalism before I can finish my goal as a salary man in teaching school before I travel. 

In 24’s with many choices to have a regular job, I choose spending my time in unemployment (not fully) with working as online seller and sometimes looking for opportunities getting scholarship abroad, but before I can reach the point. I want to make myself to be more productive again (so bored I always repeat same thing again each month). 

After all, I want to close this monthly note as a memo for myself that I add or re-add my wishes for having great year by traveling after struggling with college and regular job’s demand for months.