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Monday 1 February 2016

[Monthly Note] Fulltime Career for Part-time Job

I just quit for my job as PC & Laptop salesman this month. That’s May shortest career that I ever had. The reason behind my quit is simply because I can’t reach the sales target that my company set up for four months since I started the job. It was actually a great job because it helps me a lot to communicate and negotiate in offering products toward dealers. But, because there are several reasons, there are constraints that affected my sales in dealing hard market situation and lack of demand from dealers. 

This is a simple description of my work. I wake up at 08.00 a.m , go to office, job starts at 09.00 and then I don’t stay in the office, instead I work in the field offering any products by visiting stores by stores until 05.00 p.m, and then my work is being evaluated which ended 06.00 p.m with exhausted condition where I need to rest full in order to do same thing tomorrow, by riding my motorcycle under hot burning sun or heavy rain by passing through roads and streets with “target” as my burden to achieve. 

The salary is quite good to get but it costs me a lot of my part-time where I actually want to use it to be more productive in creating contents just like the way I used to. Its impossible for me to keep in inline being productive in hobby against my job for a living. 

Talking about a living, I collected my salary to be saved in order I can start my own online store in stocking some products that interests me to sell. But my focus in this month is being active in writing and editing so I can continue the projects I’ve planned several months ago. That is not my fulltime job nor my part-time job, but considering I actually have something to do. So, this is where I want to re-starting my steps again.