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Thursday 13 February 2014

How to make Your Own Image Macro with Photoscape

In Internet there are many generator websites scattered that automatically making Image Macro Meme, And the how to make it inmanual way. Simply we can use Photoscape to make our own image macro meme. An image macro meme is typically consist of basic photo and caption text with two rows of words or sentences.

If you are not yet familiar with Photoscape, please see the previous tutorial for basic usage. To obtain an application Photoscape, please download at the following website.

1. Open Photoscape application > Editor

2. Choose the picture you want to edit, select the image in the form of at least a square, not a portrait or landscape. Please crop (cut) in advance if you want to get a square image.

3. In editor menu, select "text".

4. Type the first line of text, remember the image macro meme is typically use “Impact” with black font colored, to apply the text, use the "Outline" feature in white so that the font does not blend with the black picture.

5. Type second row of text, do not forget to adjust the layout by dragging the text object.

6. When finished, click "save".

7. Congratulations, you've made your own image macro meme. Use your creativity. And one more thing, adding watermark into your meme is Gay.