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Saturday 1 February 2014

[Monthly Note] Reblogization on Februari

It's finally over, my college studies is almost over. I am in the end of 8th semester and going to work on my thesis. I know this blog is not really well developed. I have reasons for it, one of them. I took job part-time as cat guardian (haha); nanny for expensive cats.

Anyway, I made some resolutions for this year, but i just posted it on my facebook. My purpose in this blog; I will post it regularly. I wont write long topics, maybe just summaries on my Bahasa Indonesia blog. Aside of that, I am going to prepare for KKN (Kuliah-Kerja-Nyata) I dont know the translation in English. Lets say its obligatory that you must do for your study by practicing your knowledge in rural areas or villages. 

Well, this is third paragraph. I want to say to myself (because i write for myself and i will read it several years later like I did by re-arranging my old posts in this blog.

Greetings from rainy seasons.