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Wednesday 10 July 2013

[Interview] Bogdan dan Anna; Hitchiking across the Asia

This month I got a couple traveler from Ukraine, their name are Bogdan and Anna. After traveling around Java, they stopped by in Banjarmasin just one day because they want to renew their visa limit and should leave Indonesia soon.
The interesting thing from this couple is their way to travel from their country by hitchhiking in every country, during their presence in my house. I did an interview discussing their traveling experience.

Q : Since when you start your own journey?
B : We started since May last year going from Ukraine by hitchhiking cars till Indonesia.

Q : Do you also use public transportation if you cant find any free transportation?
B : We have started using public transportation when we were in Beijing, China and Jakarta because we think its hard to explore by walking, so its conditional. There were some situations where drivers asked us to pay, precisely our main plan is how to get the place on time and we had no choice.

Q : What are tricks to get free hitchiking, how do you ask for it, you know like language barrier?
B : Speaking about language, we must learn new local languages, in China we used paper to express our destination, and luckily most of drivers were understand our purpose.

Q : What are part of Indonesia you have travelled?
B : Sumatra, Jawa and Bali for two months.

Q : During your trip, where did you stay?
B : In Indonesia, we usually drop by in mosques and sometimes local people invited us to stay over night in their house.

Interview sebelum mereka berangkat...

Q : What is the biggest thing happened during your hitchiking?
B : You know, everyday is adventure because we meet many different interesting people and what interest us experiencing many things through those peope.

Q : Have you ever feeling bored and thinking to quit this way?
B : Yes, we had. When we were in China and that time was our darkest time because almost half year of our travel was boring because we just saw everything same every day and so on. Sometimes we feel disappointed if we hadn’t find any transportation and we missed home, but in the end we could pass through that situation.

Q : One thing to mention about darkest time?
B : We were somewhere in North Russia countryside, we wait for more 30 hours to find  any cars and there weren’t any people, mosquitos, bad weather, and we’ve got desperate and waiting for miracle. Can you imagine that.

Q : Word thing to say in hitchiking travel style?
B : We are interested finding new people, new countries, and their lifestyle in very close without seeing in tourism industry.

Ini rute mereka so far...

Q : Do you have a line in hitchhiking ?
B : Everyone can do hitchiking, but not all people want to do it.

Q : What is your end point?
B : We are almost finished, Brunei Darussalam is our final point, we are going look for job so that we can come back to our country?

Q : When you get back, what will you do? Are you going to write book or maybe something else?
 B : Yes, sure, we will do it, there a lot of stories and information we got during our travel?

One hour later, I took them into nearet main street, they would continue their trip from Palangkaraya to Pontianak.