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Saturday, 20 July 2013

[Event] Celebrating my 22th Birthday with Class-mate

Its so fast to realize that I suddenly become 22 years old now. One year I passed was awesome for me. I did a lot of thing, produce many works, and atleast not being worthless. In my 22th, I have many things I expect from my life, besides I will make a move on my skill like drawing and designing. But I am not done with my early purpose in mastering music.

Last year, I celebrated my birthday on somewhere else in Indonesia. Greetings came from Facebook, and I didn't celebrate it. But this month. I am so glad that one of my unforgetable moment in my life is celebrating the birthday with your friends.

So, I invite my class-mates and treat em (my father did) Banjarese food, its so fun and memorable. In other state, I got a girlfriend and asked her to walk arounf with my on birthday. But later, we broke up for some reasons.

I hope in my 22th, I would develop and become more succesful. And I don't forget to thank to everyone.


  1. Nice birthday,dude! Hope you will have great days for years to come. Glad to find this blog especially because it was written in English. You have such a good talent in English writing and the posts have amazing contents to enjoy with.

    I am a blogger too..trying to improve my english writing skill too the same you are doing. I hope You can visit my blog for worthwhilesome advices for my blog improvement. If you are willing to : here is mine thanks

    1. Who is this.Thank you anyway for visiting my blog.


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