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Friday, 7 January 2011

[Thought] New Year, New What?

Yeah, finally we meet new year! Some people exactly celebrated this anniversary. You know, every new year despite they celebrating new year. They just make a new hope for their life. Just for new year.

Forgetting about the future and the past, because they just look at time and what happening now. Its easy to do this, seeing fireworks on new year eve, eating, drinking, and make having fun. But its hard to do this too, you make a plan along your life without seeing new year, but far-far away from your life now.


  1. keren nih bang blognya sip deh buat abangng ,follow blog gw ya bang

  2. @Roney: thanks for following my blog

  3. new year ... i had social activity in that night ... and, many plan in my head for 2011 ... once of them, i want countinue my school at Gajah Mada University... InsyaAllah. and how about you friend?

  4. @Fahri:

    about me?
    i enjoyed this life. buddy.


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