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Wednesday 5 January 2011

[Exp] How hard is TOEFL test?

I've joined TOEFL test on my campus recently. Why am i joining TOEFL test? I want to improve and test my English advance skill. Before i join, i think TOEFL is easy and same with English examination for high school. But not, its complicated for me.

Answering question is more easy than listening section. My ears cant heard anything except unclear chit-chat, i don't take any cautious for listening. Because i think for every test is just providing a sheet for answering questions on paper.

There are 4 aspect from TOEFL that i knew from guide book that TOEFL is had four aspects like reading, writing, , and speaking.

And  as long as i joined TOEFL test, i think i must care about listening and speaking. Because both is hard from TOEFL test.