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Sunday 11 September 2011

[PC] SMADAV; Another Antivirus from Indonesia

Indonesia is the one of state that many produces virus for computers. There’s many virus spread fastly via Internet and USB. The virus makers always make new their viruses wuth various name. Their viruses usually not too be dangerous for computer system, but still disturbing for computer users. They make virus just for fun or want to be famous.

Therefore, Indonesia programmers design and make antiviruses, one of famous is smadav. Designed and founded by Zainuddin Nafarin cs. Smadav is threat for virus maker in Indonesia because most powerful capability this Antivirus.

With full feature of scanning, can scan viruses every component computer system and other fastly. And some useful tool like “Windows default button” that can restore windows was infected by viruses to default setting. Also included tool system explore for searching viruses that active in background.
Other recognizing Indonesian virus, this AV*Antivirus can reconize every destructive program. With real-time protection and more small size installer*just less than 1 mb. Execute and you can run this AV directly.

SMADAV divide into two version, SMADAV PERSONAL and SMADAV PROFESSIONAL. The different of this two versions is located for more feature. But if you like for SMADAV PERSONAL enough, i think you musnt to using SMADAV PRO.

So, this AV i recomend to use for protection your computer from Indonesian Viruses and and other, this is official download link. As user this AV , i give 3 stars from five stars.