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Friday 27 December 2019

Review : L.A Noire - A Video Game Introduction of Noire Theme

Finished the game, not expecting for the finale story can be something to think for few days after playing about 25 hours. 

If you are interested in post-world war 2 aesthetic of 40s L.A city, Noir Film story-line style (which dont expect for happily ever after ending since the main theme is moral ambiguity of characters, also being detective as our main character Cole Phiilips, a post war veteran turned detective that you root for. 

Playing for each chapter looks like a great detective game such finding clues, spotting human that is close-realistic facial animation (which ground-breaking technology) in video game history in interrogation session and at some part there are some action like shooting and chasing after criminal in semi-open world that limits you to act as real police. Literally, its procedural and look repeating same thing I mention above except there are various kind of cases to be solved. 

At first it seem too boring to bother continuing, but the plot revealing and the intriguing of solving cases makes me to stick finishing the game where my main interest how the characters presented and written as I found that if you hear about noire films, this game is kind of introduction to understand what makes this type of detective themed game is different. 

Technically, playing on PC is kinda janky and takes time to understand the control mechanic. The environment graphic is not really impressive and the world building is just a template for the game setting that is not so much to do for exploring or doing wacky stuff in most of open world games. 

L.A Noire is kind of game that need proper time to play and I choose to finish it on midnight while outside raining and while the main music blast, i sip my coffee and it has own kind of charm why I decided to buy this game on the first place.