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Wednesday 17 May 2017

Not stealing anymore...

There are anything that you can steal Internet, except a physical car. Starting this blog with the jargon that revolves around the net hopefully able to help me to finish this writing. I recently just bought (particularly) being in debt to afford decent CPU for multimedia editing with over $1000 budget. Its not replacing with my old PC that lays on the new PC. I use it for mostly for casual things like buying playing latest video games that I never could not afford before (where mostly I've got from torrenting). Suddenly, for several months, I can get decent and stable earning from real life job where the PC is likely to be my "prize".

Playing games becomes a thing that fills my break time that mostly at night where in the first place I suppose to start my project to be "productive" making review videos (halfway project that has been succeeded) and a new thing activity such podcasting. I am not pretty sure I can be more discipline in writing blog, but one thing for sure this is my attempt to write even though I have to forget that probably my writing skill is so basic. 

Asides paying more for budget PC, I bought some games occasionally on Steam. I didnt have a chance to collect games when I was kid or my teenage days. If people ask me what is the best escapism media have to offer for me nowadays, its playing (good) video game and learn many things from it. I realize, i dont get any cents from playing video games but considering it as entertainment. Its worth it and I am gonna write it about the enjoyment playing games with paying. 

Not only games, I wishlisted some softwares that I am going to buy for redeeming my stealing way because I have passive money on internet through multimedia work such as video producing on Youtube and still working on music project that I have to be intensify this year by taking serious course. One of the software that I want really hard is Vegas Pro (that I am sticking to master), i have various copies of many version but its pirated. When I found out that I can get Vegas with affordable price from one of dealer that has the copy with discount price. 

I forget for several months to continue editing project because playing games excessively is my main thing. So, i decided to buy the software with intention that I can appreciate it and also my hardworking job earning. 

Now I am going to play Paladins after 1gigabyte update.