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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Changing This Blog Type

Its been so long since I didn't post for this blog. I know that this is kind of repeating same excuses why I don't continue on English blogging anymore.Its probably because I have real serious "business" on real life besides lurking around the Internet for entertaining my mind. Sometimes, I work on my project but too lazy to update it here mainly because there is nothing much I can do with this blog so far.

There were some plan to jump on online business band-wagon and also write some decent article. But what for? There are many people who do same thing out there. So, that was an excuse to continue on learning how to write right.

Anyway, I have many ideas and thoughts that crawling on my mind and sometimes I want to put it here on blog. And also, there are some moments that I want to save here on the Internet. For the next thing on this blog, I'll put short and simple so that I can continue on journal.

Anyway... I want to put my last pic on my "Real Business" that I am currently working on.


  1. Blogmu ini banyak banget. Tapi kenapa gak ganti ke style yang lebih dinamis kek kebanyakan web blog zaman sekarang?

    1. dua aja kok bro, English sama Indo.
      > Tfw : gak ada waktu buat belajar basic coding css buat ganti template sendiri. Sama dulu sering utak atik ganti template blog, jadi waktu habis buat memperhias tampilan hihi. Mau sih tampilannya kekinian.


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