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Thursday 1 September 2016

[Monthly Note] Things I Want to Buy

Since working as cashier in the cake business of my father store, I earn a steady income that is approximately same salary as I worked a field sales. The difference is only in the payment system which I get paid for working half day with shorter working hours but still draining a lot of my energy. My saving income that is 80% of them had reached around $300 which somehow until now I never pass my savings over $ 500. Anyway, I want to re-update things I want to buy from my average income in my current 25's something this year. 

As my working progress becomes more positive in the result of selling. I get excited to continue business selling cakes which are still held by my father. With hefty profit, I amstill learning how to manage the cake shop to be more efficient and systematic which I cant handle all of them, later I will make the cake store as franchise to achieve higher target so that the following thing is I want to buy... 

1. House 

Most of my married friends, they already have their own house, either from hiring, taking loan or parent inherits. I want to buy a house that is ready-made so next year I dont have to contract or taking a debt for a home. As for my dream home is a shop that has 3 floors where the first floor is the store, second floor is hobby room and meeting place, and the third floor is my crib for sleeping and shit. Estimated Budget: Rp. 500,000,000 

2. Personal Transportation (Car) 

Because I'm too old to show off my parents stuff and now I am almost reaching the status of the indipendent, having a car is a must for an entrepreneur like me, I used to think not to be interested to have one. However, in the interests of mobility and expansion of business network, a car is something that must be signed on my checklist. The dream car that I need a is just second car with enough budget about $10000, about that price where I can already a car called Honda Brio that I imagine to have every single time riding back to home with my motorcycle because seeing other people shit. Estimatzd Budget: 150,000,000 

3. High-End PC 

Perhaps the most realistic item that I can afford is assembling a high-end PC for multimedia editing and working as well. At least, with the latest i7 processor, 16gb ram, and VGA are qualified to do HD rendering, I can use my spare time to focus on next level Multimedia editing. I calculated how much budget for the entire parts where in the end I can spend about $1000. Estimated Budget: 15,000,000

So for this monthly note, I write using my old pc that is upgraded with satisfying pc connection that I afford for my half of my salary.