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Sunday 1 May 2016

[Monthly Note] The Dream Baker

So after quit my job as salesman in the technology field, I decided to take my father order to help him running cake business. It’s a small store beside my mother foodstall which runs for months and produce profits everyday even though my father work traditionally on how running the selling stuff. 

After all, I run daily life as rookie Baker with one co-worker who helps me baling things well. Not to mention how to deal with costumer which I think that is interesting aspect in direct selling. Not only handling the costumer, I practice breaking eggs, mixing the dough and put it on the oven while I offer cakes toward market visitors and help doing chores. 

That activity above is my work desk in this field beside I try to make the selling more interesting and broad by suggesting delivery service where I can get more income if costumers want to order the cake by messenger app. Talking about baking stuff, I can depict what is the truth on how my dream really works, it’s just like I do things like determining which ingredients that fit and proper into the dough and then processing into heat oven and then I should wait for the result. In fact, most of my dreams (yeah, it's kind of cheesy I think but these aren't sleeping dream but things that I want to achieve) are far way from success but not too little to achieve those. I wrote my wish list several years ago and amazed that I count that only 25% was succeeded. The rest, I have to work hard and waif for the result just like my baking career. 

this is me on 24's
Anyway, on the months of my vacant times, I use it for developing my hobby like practice in guitar, read some books and comics, going swimming for twice in a week, a realistic dream that I want to master.