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Friday 12 June 2015

[Lets Play] Sim City 4 in Bahasa Indonesia

Sim City 4 is one of my favourite game, when I was in elementary school. I saw this game on psx version where I still remember that i used to draw city planning map on my school book. Recently, this games amuses me when I got bored working on my final thesis. I spent several hours to play the game that I played last year and write about its review.
Playing sim city is endless and I realize that I need to record the game progress in order to keep memory how I can be such being addict finishin something that is virtual. So, I tried to record ten videos about how to play it in basic way. This is my first lets play video, I am going to play some more and record it. If you find this post on internet, feel free to ask about advanced things that I didnt include on my record.