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Wednesday 1 October 2014

[Monthly Note] Proposal and Deadline.

To end this September, I proposed a new thesis proposal which is related into a literature, the deadline is about two months to start final hearing for my college study. So, this month I am gonna use it for learning intensively and mastering what I am going to research. The topic I take is Characterization of Warm Bodies novel that I just read half of it. Since I am fan of science-fiction and interested in Zombie stuffs, I think it won’t be a problem for me to do research.

Currently, I am thinking what I am going to work later; it’s absolutely my part-time job right now as online seller. There are two things that fill my mind about the realistic job to get some money. That is selling donut with cafĂ© concept in my parent’s food stall at night. That is the most realistic job to do when my little bro that has passed his college is searching for job. So, meanwhile I finish my thesis, I am gonna try to get more experience and income.

Furthermore, I imagine a job where I open a book store that sells alternative book and also local musician independent artist in a small scale. Aside of that, I open a public radio that play electronic music 24 hours non-stop. Those are unrealistic thing I am thinking of.

So, do my imagination have a deadline? I think don’t, because the purpose of my current thesis proposal right now is considered by my lecturers to be accepted or not. Imagination do not have imagination, period.