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Monday 1 September 2014

[Monthly Note] Between August and September

Another month has passed in 2014, and in the next 4 months later I really should finish my thesis before the end of the year as fast as possible, recently my little bro has surpassed me in the college study by getting his first degree through D3 study. What can I say last month, I completed the short course because there was one subject that has not been completed yet. By the way, talking about the thesis, I think I will not write anything about how I get started. The point is, no more delaying nor writing plans on my monthly note, for the next three months i have to finish it, period.

One of the requirements to graduate my major in English education on my college is being able to pass the score of TOEFL above 450 point, I just took a test recently and fortunately getting average score which is 470 points, so I am really satisfied because I dont really concern about my TOEFL score, the key of getting high-score in TOEFL is read more, write more.

Now this is what I cal cross cultural understanding...
In August there are many interesting moments, ranging from participating Japanese convention, hosting the attractive German couple, and one honorable mention: attending my little brother graduation and taking pictures with my whole family members. And speaking about Japan convention, I will write a basic guidance how to participate in this social gathering, I am not really Japanese addict, but for me its enlightning to look for social phenomena. And one more, I have another story about my recent hosting a couple from Germany, we have shared interesting story and long discussion based on our meetings, I wish I may be able to write a whole story.

Like somebody I used to know.
This few days i found a new game that could be considered my dream comes true when I play the game called Ingress, the concept is very similar like Watch Dogs but you must involve and take yourself to be part of the game in real world. So before releasing my next LP ambient album, I am thinking about making a music tribute about the game. kepikiran to create a tribute album for this game before releasing a full LP of ambient music.

Awesome Game.

Okay, this is my monthly note in September, a new domain renewal update for for the next year.