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Tuesday 1 July 2014

[Monthly Note] 23th Birthday in Fasting Month

It’s one year I get the age of 23, this year time goes fast. I remember last year I was celebrating my birthday by inviting my classmates. Moreover, it’s precisely one year I am being a single (actually not a big deal for me…) but i remember this day was the first time I had relationship with kind of a girl, but six days later in 6 th Juli, I decided to break-up because there was no romance chemistry between us. 

This month coincides with the month of fasting and my birthday, I made my own resolutions already in the beginning of the year. Anyway, all my friends now they are already working on their thesis, begin to working on their thesis, and last not going to start the thesis. And I am the last one, I am too lazy to submit my another proposals after getting rejection. Otherwise, but yeah heaven! currently I am unemployed man, although there is a job as a seller of goods online which my parent expect me to get a degree as soon as possible. Actually I do not lose motivation, but currently just thinking to rearrange the plans so I can achieve the goals that have been set earlier. 

Back to the very beginning topic, maybe I am going to celebrate this birthday alone, or may inviting friends over and treat them eating together. Things I want to do later for my birthday is planning what I am gonna do at the age of 23. My main goal is finishing my study that should be completed, finding the right girl that should be determined, and getting more income that should be raised. I hope later this year I can afford to buy my own crib, vehicle, and also proving to my parent that I could be useful for people and being independent is my main concern. 

The reason why i need a crib because I've grown up already (though sometimes I act childish anyway), other than that I aspire to have my own library or bookstore for my next target in future business. In addition I imagine to have my own music studio and collecting a wide range of CDs and sell it so that I can improve my music skill. 

How about getting a girlfriend or a wive? Many of my classmates are eager to marry as fast as possible for some reasons. Yet at the age of 20s in my opinion they should be more productive rather being married (but somehow it can be said that is productive too because making children is productive too...:D ) So, I need to determine what kind of girl I look for, a dream s girl's that I am gonna propose to be my wife must have a strong similarities like myself, whether it be of thought, hobbies, and taste. 

This note goes too far, it's better we need to go back about my study problem, completing an unstarted thesis this year and next year I will be graduated soon, that’s my main goal. So, Happy Birthday, Qori (give congratulations to myself.)