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Sunday, 1 June 2014

[Monthly Note] Delaying and Future Plans

I passed last May with some important things that happened, first ; my thesis proposal rejection that was criticized by my supervisor lecture as she said my proposed thesis might be accepted 100 % if I attending IT major; because I discuss on my thesis about technical digital audio which I combine with English terms. Meanwhile, the college student thesis trial will start in a few days, so I guess its proper reason to delay the completion of my thesis (although the proposal not yet to be approved). If I finish it soon, later going to be misery because of the rush and deadline.

Second ; I enrolled in a competition where I have to change ( whether it physical upgrade  and public speaking skill) for two months, because a half months have passed, then the rest I had to turn myself into "something ". I will tell the competition what it is.

Third ; all my blogging archives since 2010 has been backed up by downloading into offline storage, in case if there is something that I don't want not something bad to be happen. In addition, my domain also been extended because its time had nearly expired last month .

Fourth, Seventhouses (House indie albums) may be released in one or more weeks. And I can move on to the next project , the EP hiphop album; talking about my experiences during my colleges times for 4 years. As always, Its mean having fun project.

Fifth, I plan in the next half year is building my own enterprise in online business stored called Banjar Market more seriously (, lately I have an idea for the slogan in Bahasa Indonesia "Tempat Anda Belanja Semuanya", or in English "Your Place Shopping Together."

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