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Tuesday 1 April 2014

[Monthly Note] Happy Voting New Regional Leaders!

April month has arrived, the legislative candidate euphoria election has taken over  around the country of Indonesia, the democracy party echoes at various media, and I am still working for my last college field work in a remote village. I will join to will help the election process with village officers where I live now.

Last month, my early days of field work, there were not special things happened except I was elected to be a chairman for my event with my friends to hold special event for the village called “Sunatan Massal” or “Mass Circumcision”. By the way, I have a new view about being a leader, during my college life, I only got twice to be a leader in any organization. My first time was when I have entered college in a event called College Introducing (Ospek). And now for my last eight semester, I am the leader of my group which was chosen based on voting system by my friends that may think I can be relied and responsible for the group.

I actually don’t really like to rule or to be ruled because I prefer to put myself as an organizer, not a ruler. But in fact, the condition I’ve learned that I must follow the rule of being a ruler and this also teaches me to be a confident and believe for my own self.

Before I close this monthly note, I want to put some marks:

- My plan to learn guitar intensively at village is cancelled.
- Its really difficult to lead the time in learning design while I bring pen the tablet though.
- I have found a method learning with infographic, I am considering to make it in Bahasa Indonesia.
- Next month, the planning music album of house tracks hopefully can be ready for launching.
- My house*real house- is recently finished renovation, it seems I will really enjoy the new crib. 

In village gate.