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Saturday 1 March 2014

[Monthly Note] It's FWE (Field Work Experience) Time!

This month I will live in a village which I must stay for my FWE for my last college task before writing a thesis. The place is called Ambungan, somewhere in Pelaihari city. 50km away from capital city of Banjarmasin . For two months, I will devote ourselves there with 4 students where I will be a leader for the group. 

Fortunately, the place is not too far from the city center. So there is nothing to worry about because I thought what if there's no electricity . This month, I manage to develop myself and skills in socializing with people around, but it also I will focus on the interests that I learned by living in the village. 

As for the other problems that haunt my mind is my unfinished thesis proposal, I will continue after FWE or if it's possible, if my proposal is accepted, I am gonna finish it during the work. 

 Recently , I 've just found the old posts from my Bahasa Indonesia blog in the corner of old archive folder in my laptop. By reading these posts make me back again when i had graduated from boarding schools four years ago. There are future goals and expectations that I have wrote. Some of them are done but the rest are still in pursuit.