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Sunday 1 December 2013

[Monthly Note] A Little Note from Bali

 When i write this post, I've been in Bali three days since my departure of Banjarmasin by touring together with my close friend on a motorbike. This time I am in Bali for the second time with the intention of motorcycle touring because my friend want to have a vacation by going to Bali for one week only. 

Maybe tomorrow is our last day we are in Bali, because we need to set up the time to return to Banjarmasin in four days. Hopefully, I wish I can write the full story of our journey next month. 

Other things that I want to write here is launching my new EP music album called "Homecoming" A mini-album about the journey that I made three months ago like going to my father village and also my travel to Bali this time. After two years of not being here, Bali; I mean is Kuta; not much changed. Although two years ago I came right in Ramadan (Fasting month), this place is always crowded. 

Me and my friend is tourin..
Our plan tonight is to explore more Kuta location by motorcycle (remembering I've been walking around two years ago because saving much budget), and other than I want to see how does the atmosphere of Kuta hedonism in one of the club because I am curious what are people looking for in the club. To be honest, I've never been in club before. My local club sucks.