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Friday, 6 September 2013

[Trip] Homecoming to Madura Island

2 month ago i just cameback from "mudik" or homecoming to my father hometown / village precisely. I went together with my family to celebrate Idul Fitri day there. Anyway, in late fasting month there is a tradition called "mudik" which most of immigrant family come back to their hometown.

There i was really excited to stay in the quiet village that my grandmother lives in natural way. No pollution, no pesticide, and no stress. There we have visited some families and collegues and have a chat about live in the city.

The trip took only one day from Banjarmasin to Surabaya city by airplane and then continue to Madura Island for 3 hours or more. My father hometown is located in the middle. We have stayed for two weeks and then cameback to Banjarmasin.

Things i like living in village. You dont have to be worry about everything. All you have to do is to effort for your own living.

The Sacred tree

My Father visits my grandfather

My Ancestor


  1. wah seru banget, maaf saya gak bisa inggris jadi hanya sekedar berkunjung

  2. aroma pedesaan yang kuat ya..

    itu kuburan.. cuma single doang?

    kayaknya lagi fokus ke qorimarket ya?

    1. yup bro.. cuma sendirian di perbukitan, kuburan mbah ane, gak gan.. sibuk dunia nyata, makasih dah mampir ya.

  3. rutinitas yang selalu dinantikan para perantau: mudik ke kampung halaman :D


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