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Thursday, 28 February 2013

[Project] Tutorial Couchsurfing in Bahasa Indonesia Pt. 1

After finished Bahasa Indonesia Learning project, i am making new videos about other stuff; in this post, i would like to share about Couchsurfing tutorial videos here. Couchsurfing is awesome online community to connect people around the world. Through this web, i met several foreigners and hosted them in my home. Aside from that, i could travel more easily to get "couch" whenever i visited another city and meet the people.

I found that most of new members can't understand too much how to use Couchsurfing in the first time, especially Indonesian members who don't have fluent English skill, so I decided to make these videos to help them to understand Couchsurfing. Actually, i want to add subtitles in English on the videos so that the foreigners can learn a little bit Bahasa there; though i speak non-formal in the videos. I hope someone can add it the caption for the videos.

For now, i made eight videos that you can see, here are the list:

1. Introduction