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Friday 8 June 2012

[Tips] How to be more Healthy in the City

Live in the city that contains bad environment inside could make our heath damaged. Garbages and pollution  are the biggest enemy for city residents. People live in the city always become more stressed due bad condition and unhealthy habit, so that would effect for health condition negatively.

There are many ways to be healthy in the city. From using the expensive way like buying dozens of supplement medicine and going to fitness club, or using the cheap way like trying to reduce daily meal or do work out by jogging or running.

Both ways are good, but if you want to get efficient way to get healthy. You may try these tips:

1. Don't eat untill you get fulled, and drink fresh water a lot. But remember, if you too much drink, you always get bladder. Do it when you aren't in work or study.
2. Walk around if its possible, at least 15 minutes in the fresh condition, don't do it in the road because there are polutions everywhere, you can do it on your place. If you live in high bulding, try ladders than lift.
3. When you are n the road, use face cover if you ride motorcycle.Close the windows if you drive the car. AC is not recommended to use. Make your body sweat is better.
4. Make your body sweat, its the practice way to make your body parts become active and it also would process your food fast.
5. Don't smoke and drink alcohol. Is it enough, I don't think so. If you feel hard to stop this habit, you may look for another alternative way, you can chew gum for replacing the cigarette. And for alcohol, avoid the places where alcohol provided and try to drink tea or coffee. If you are stress, alcohol is not the key, look for another good activities.

Finally, these tips would work if you can do it well*you don't say. For me, its easy to be healthy, avoid the stress and neg