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Saturday 7 April 2012

[Thought] My View about Media Controlling

Media is the way to tell someone wheter is true or not, that't my definition for media. We live under a lot of informations, thousand of news, hundred of stories that we can get from media.  Our opinions and our views was created from media, and my blog is my media. So, what do you think about media controlling?

Every media has their own motives and objects to give us perspections, when we see a new reality like TV news and  or imagination like fiction-movies or books, our thought would controlled with the creator of story. So, its quite little bit with controlling our mind. Media could be make more advantages for exploiting our desires to something that we want. 

The question is do we realize about this? Controlling not always sounds bad, but as we look the reality that mixed with the imaginary, our perspective and view could be changed little by little depend what the media creators want. For examplerl; if they are money-oriented, so we are gonna be consumptive person when we see what they offer to us, so lets think about it.