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Tuesday 21 February 2012

[Project] Online commercial Video Warung Qori

I've made a commercial yesterday about a "warung" that my parents had. Edited with freeware software, i just cutted long scenes in the raw video, shooted with canon camera. I thought the image result would be nice to see. But, during process of shooting, i dont prepare anything in a concept.
The ideas was coming when i saw that my parent's "Warung" seems like a Krabby Patty restaurant. Actually, itsnt. So, i remembered one of Spongebob episodes about Krabby Patty training. So, i took the music sample as background music. I realized that the video is still gross because this is my first editing of video commercial. I need to learn hard.

Anyway, "Warung" is a public place for Indonesian to eat cuisines with lower-price. Lets check it out: