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Tuesday 30 August 2011

[Project] Indonesian Learning Pronouncation Playlist Videos

Hello there...

Its exciting for everyone who successed to finishing their project. Just like me, i've finished my project to making Indonesian pronouncation lessons on Youtube. Yeah, its started from audio files that i made for one of my British friend.

I remember, when the middle of the night, when we made a conversation about Indonesian learning, she felt difficult to say/speak in Indonesian. Because of that, i thought that i must be make some audios for easing her learning. So, i decided to make some with recording with my own voice. Its not too difficult to recording, cause i've interested with audio digital technology, so its like shooting two birds with one stone.

Ok, finally, i want to embed my videos here, i think this blog must be updated everytime, cause its still quiet blog from visitors. So, please enjoy the videos and once more again, if you have some questions or requests of learning, dont be shy, please tell me. Have a nice day.

#1 How to pronounce A - I - U - E - O in Indonesian


#2 How to pronounce (B) BA - BI - BU - BE - BO in Indonesian 


#3 How to pronounce (C) CA - CI - CU - CE - CO in Indonesian


#4 How to pronounce (D) DA - DI - DU - DE - DO in Indonesian


#5 How to pronounce (F) FA - FI - FU - FE - FO in Indonesian


See more videos in my playlist, ok.