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Saturday 14 May 2011

[File] My Indonesian Audio Book Lesson Files

After passing almost 2 months before i started to make Indonesian audio files to one of my overseas friend. Finally, i finished my first project in learning language pronunciation. FYI, there are some obstacles and challenge when i recorded my voice on my room,  beside of that,  I've got some business in my studying and my life. So, this project was delayed almost one / two weeks. But, luckily, once more, i can finishing one of my contribution of learning language, *i hope so.

And, in this paragraph, i would like to say to everybody who helps me directly or indirectly, especially for someone that became of my inspiration to do this thing. Finally, here are the links, you can download it free and you can share to other people who want to learn Indonesian pronunciation:

1. AIUEO =

2. B =

3. C =

4. D =

5. F =

6. G =

7. H =

8. J =

9. K =

10 L =

11. M =

12. N =

13. P =

14. R =

15. S =

16. T =

17. W =

18. Y =

19. Z =

F: E lesson:

F: Counting 1 -10

F: Ng Lesson:

F: Ny Lesson:

f: Q X and V:

P.s: I need ur support, please send your feedback or your suggestion. Ok.

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