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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

[Project] Free Bahasa Indonesian Course Directly with Me on Yahoo Messenger.

As Indonesian native speaker. I think i can teach Indonesian  to everybody who want to start learning Indonesian. Here in this post, i want to share my knoledge about Indonesian languange "Bahasa Indonesia", cultures and other via internet.
If you want, you can send me a message to tell me what is your YM account, so i'll give my YM id and add you on the chatlist. And this is my e-mail and YM: qorianisme (at) yahoo. co . id

I hope we can share and learn together about our languange and culture directly online and onwire :)


  1. That is quite helpful for those who want to learn the Indonesian language. We also try to to do the same as you by providing free Indonesian language lessons at

    Salam Sukses

    1. @Bahasa: wow, cool.. i am gonna feature your web on facebook page and if i have more times, i'll review your site, thx.


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