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Wednesday 8 June 2011

[Tips] Being Busy in Holiday

For us, holiday always filled with various activities or interest activity like go recreation to some place with family, friends or just alone. If don't doing activity during holiday. Stop it! Don't be lazy! The better ways to fill holiday is you must take this tips below:

  1. Stay alone with family and do advantage activity like cleaning your house, make creation & experiments, etcetera.
  2. Start to sport, its good for your body building. If don't like sport, you can make an adventure to make your mental bravest. I suppose to make adventure must at mountain with your friends.
  3. Learn! But amusing learning in order that don't make you boring and must entertain you like go to library, museum, zoo. If don't have enough money, try to read you old book collection.
  4. Improve your hobbies. Hobby is interest activity. Why you don't develop your hobby in order that more skilled.
  5. Finally, always visit My Blog to entertain you for find more unique writing from me, hehehe...